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Michelle Crenshaw: Products & Services


JUST JAZZ - A La Carte

Michelle's eloquent vocals are the highlight of this music package as she renders her favorite and your most memorable jazz standards with elegant poise and melodic perfection. Critics agree that little else is needed to make a special evening sparkle when this accomplished vocalist comes to the microphone. Perfect for intimate cabarets, weddings, small nightclubs, piano bars or private parties. Michelle is always accompanied by the best and most gifted jazz pianists. The package includes two-30 minute vocal sets plus 30 minutes of instrumentals to add the perfect atmosphere to any sophisticated occasion. Perfect for smaller venues and budgets.

Contact Michelle for booking and pricing.


For largers events and venues, Michelle brings her trio to the stage. The Jazz It Up Combo is an "All or Nothing At All" jazz feast that will get your guests "In The Mood" for dancing "Cheek to Cheek" "Come Rain or Come Shine". Oh..."What A Little Moonlight Can Do" when Michelle and her trio hit the stage with your favorite songs made famous by memorable artists like Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and a host of others. Just right for any event where a full show package is desired. Includes two-45 minute sets to make that perfect evening complete. (Show repertoire may be adjusted to suit the audience or event.)


To get an event quote, email

Contact Michelle for booking and pricing.


Looking for a great soloist or cantor for your special day? Michelle has a vast repertoire of wedding selections from all genres of music to make your wedding day a unique expression of the bride and groom. Wedding/Reception Combo packages are also available upon request. Or maybe you want Michelle to write an original love song for your special day? Well, for your convenience you may request a Customized Composition to express the exact sentiments you want to convey. 


Need to check calendar availability Email Michelle at: 


Singer's Edge Vocal Training (Pro Package) - Includes FOUR-55 minute training sessions

In-depth and personalized vocal training for the seasoned or aspiring professional. Learn and exercise proven techniques to develop proper breathing and placement, improve tonal quality and increase vocal stamina. Only $275 for a 4-session package. (certain restrictions apply to this offer).

Singer's Edge Vocal Training (Single Session) - Includes ONE-55 minute training session

One-55 minute training session. Perfect for when you want to prepare for an audition or performance! $90

Use the space below to submit your Registration Information including your: Name, Email, Mailing Address and Telephone Number. In the Message Box, indicate your preferred session schedule (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc. and include preferred day(s) and time(s). Be sure to indicate your first and second choice preferences. It's also helpful to mention the best time to reach you. I will call you within 48 hours to discuss your needs, confirm your session schedule and make an appointment for your Free Consultation Interview. With just a few clicks, you're on your way to singing success! It's that easy!

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Click the "Send message" button and your Registration Form will automatically be sent to me. You will then be directed back to my Home Page so you can continue searching my site. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals!





Prices shown are for retail customers.

Please call HCP direct at 310.745.6997 for wholesale or catering orders.

CLASSIC COBBLERS - Peach, Apple,, Seasonal Fruits


Our Classic Cobblers are made from scratch at the time of order so they are always delivered fresh-baked. Try it in Peach, Apple, or other Seasonal Fruits* when available.

We recommend the HCP Classic Peach Paradise Cobbler; a slightly tropical cobbler with a few extra touches thrown in. Sweet, rich and flavorful with a homemade crust that's just like Big Mama used to make! The recipe is a HCP secret so inquire further if you have any food allergies. 

*seasonal fruits may incur an extra charge 


Party Size (serves 24-28) $80

Family Size (serves 12-15) $45

Personal (serves 4-6)$18



Like everything at HCP, our cakes are made from scratch with enriched cake flour and real butter, for a lighter cake that is always moist and flavorful. Pound Cakes are a bit more dense than traditional layer cakes and have a firm but flaky outer crust. They can be enjoyed with or without icing or try it with a burnt sugar glaze for a little extra sweetness. Pound Cakes go great with ice cream!


A traditional pound cake with a hint of lemon zest and sweetness. Light and flavorful. No icing required!



Made with 2 cups of real butter, this pound cake is sweet and chock full of buttery flavor. Add a burnt-sugar glaze or for an even richer taste, a Butter caramel frosting.  


RUM CAKE ($40)

If you like a sweet, moist cake with a little kick to it, you're going to LOVE this rich bundt cake topped with a sweet pecan glaze made with real Barcardi light rum! Eat as much as you like...most of the alcohol evaporates during the baking process!


THE GREAT HAWAIIAN ($45) (shown above)

This 3-layer delicacy is a tropical delight with a sweet pineapple compote filling and a coconut, cream cheese frosting. Um, um, um...It's a bit rich; even better with coffee or a cold glass of milk. 



Fresh Baked Fruit Tarts


HCP pie crusts are the foundation for the best pies and cobblers you'll ever taste! Whether fried or baked, our pie crusts have a crisp, flaky sweetness that compliments any filling. We offer pies in a variety of choices to suit the needs of any event or gathering. Fruit Tarts work well for  slicing or serving required...and Fried Pies are perfect for breakfast or the lunch box. Either way, our pies are always sweet and flavorful. The perfect final compliment to any meal.  


Regular $14

Deep Dish $16

This is no ordinary sweet potato pie, but a secret family recipe passed down from 2 generations of family baking. We've added a few more secrets, to bring a fresh, delectable twist to a traditional favorite. Those who know say we make "the best sweet potato pies ever!" Order one today and judge for yourself.  



$30 per dozen

These sweet delicacies are baked, not fried and perfect when you want pie-on-the-go! Take them in your lunch, or let your guests serve themselves at your next party. No mess, no fuss, but all the sweetness. Sold by the dozen only. 




Better than Mama used to make! This apple pie is anything but ordinary with more apples than most pies and a thick, crispy, homemade crust and sweetness that screams for ice cream. It's the best apple pie...from an old family recipe that only Grandma could make. What else can we say but...Enjoy!



$30 per dozen

Our Fried Pies are a bit larger than our Fruit Tarts, fried to perfection in all vegetable oil for a crisp outer crust and a rich, sweet, fruit filling. These pies bring back memories of my summers in Arkansas with My Cousin Maude. Buy them by the dozen cause you won't be able to stop once you've tasted these delicacies with a real country flair! 




This combo of sweet potato pie and cheesecake has become a Crenshaw family favorite at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner celebration. Comes with a buttery graham cracker crust and baked to perfection. You'll eat it all in one day if you're not careful so order two, just to be on the safe side! 




POT PIES-Vegetable or Meat filling

CHILI PIES-Made with homemade chili with a cornbread crust


and much more!