1. Flow Like That

From the recording Flow Like That

Moving into the Los Angeles music scene taught me the meaning of the term "haters". I vowed to stay true to myself and not "sell my soul for rock and roll." I don't let folks with negative energy creep into my space.




Player hatin' never was my thing.

If it was I never would've tried to hang with you

Who you tryin' to impress with your new dress, know you ain't got a dime

And that, just ain't cool

Why (do) you want to perpetrate? Who cares what people say

Cause the people won't back you up unless you do it their way

And how much of yourself are you willing to give away

To have the things you want in life

What a price to pay

And I ain't tryin' to flow like that

So tell everybody who you know like that don't bother me.