From the recording Open My Eyes (Live)


Tonight is the night We take the time to concentrate on simple things Today is the first day We see each other as we are and it's okay, Oh, Open my eyes Tonight is the night You give me what I'm needin till the morning light There's no turning back my love Today's the day you love me while the feelings right Oh, Open my eyes Knew when I met you I was hungry for you Knew when I met you I was searchin for your love Knew when you called my name, I'd never be the same You're alright with me I never felt this way before Your love has opened every part of me Come into my life I have so much I want to show, If you'll only let me. Open my eyes (rap) You got me open, like a petal when it's broken Open light my mindset, when I be token Open like my wind pipe after the chokin' Wide, like a Mack truck ride Step into my limo, take it side to side and just rock and chill Now you might think you're betta Even think you be the cheddar But I'm the one that's phunkin to this beat So open up sesame, you gotta get the best of me As long as you ain't stressin me, my sweet Cause I've been searchin, for so long Searchin So baby if you want me, don't try to own me